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Brewers Fayre Menu Prices

Of the dozens of pub brands in the United Kingdom, Brewers Fayre is the most popular cause of its family-friendly atmosphere. Though it’s hard to find out official Brewers Fayre Menu Prices on the Internet.

Brewers Fayre Menu

So, to help you in finding the lastest Brewers Fayre Menu with Prices, we had published all recent prices and full menu of Brewers Fayre restaurant. Like Brewers Fayre Breakfast Menu, Brewers Fayre Menu Main, Brewers Fayre Kids Menu, Brewers Fayre Drinks Menu, Brewers Fayre Menu Vegan and so on.

Brewers Fayre Menu

On this page, you can also check out prices for Brewers Fayre Menu Prices for starters, Brewers Burger Collection, fish meals, grilled meals, burgers, snacks, sides, and more.

Brewers Fayre Menu and Prices

Below are the latest Brewers Fayre menu prices/Brewers Fayre Menu with Prices.

Brewers Fayre Menu

Brewers Fayre Menu with Prices

A Great Place to Start
Tomato Soup £3.09
Tempura Prawns £4.99
Chicken Wings £4.79
Chicken Liver & Pork Pâté £4.39
Mature Cheddar & Sticky Onion Tart £4.59
Combo Feast £9.29
Melting Brie Bites £4.99
Southern Chicken Goujons £4.99
Prawn Cocktail £4.99
Garlic & Herb Breaded Mushrooms £3.99
Crispy Potato Dippers £4.19
Smoked Haddock Fishcake £4.99
The Brewers Burger Collection
The Ultimate £10.99
The Cluck ‘n’ Ale £10.49
The Cheesy Chick £10.49
The Bhaji Burger £9.99
The Mighty £10.79
A Bit Different
Coronation Chicken Salad £9.29
Beef & Pork Lasagne £9.59
Burrito Bowl Salad £9.29
Three Cheese Quiche £9.49
Chicken & Pesto Pie £10.49
Sweet Potato & Feta Lasagne £9.59
Spicy Asian Style Noodles £9.29
Grilled Chicken & Bacon Salad £8.79
Can’t Beat The Classics
Smoky Paprika Chicken £9.99
Chicken Tikka Curry £9.29
Ultimate Filled Yorkshire Sausage & Mash £9.59
Chicken Garlic Chicken £9.99
Slow-Cooked Lamb Shank £11.99
Mexican Beef Chilli £9.19
Smothered Chicken £9.79
Grilled Gammon Steak £9.19
Beef & Doom Bar® Pudding £10.79
Sausage, Egg & Chips £7.49
Go Fish
Fish Pie £9.79
Hand-Battered Giant Atlantic Haddock & Chips £9.99
Fish & Chips £8.49
Salmon & Prawn Rigatoni Pasta £9.59
Smoked Haddock Fishcakes £9.59
Breaded Wholetail Scampi £8.99
Baked Salmon £9.99
Glorious Grills
All our steaks are aged for a minimum of 21 days to make sure they’re extra tender and full of flavor. All our steaks other than the Ranch come with chips, onion rings, garden peas, and half a grilled tomato
Chicken & Rib Combo £13.99
Half Roast Chicken & Chips £10.29
Mixed Grill £13.29
Rib-Eye Steak (14 oz.) £16.99
Sirloin Steak (8 oz.) £14.29
Ranch Steak (6 oz.) £10.99
Full Rack of Ribs £12.99
Rump Steak (8 oz.) £11.99
Tandoori Mixed Grill £14.29
House Favourite Burgers 
Flavor-packed and freshly prepared, our beef and chicken burgers come served in a toasted sesame seed bun with chips and coleslaw…
The Black & Blue £10.99
The New Yorker £10.29
The South Western £9.69
Vegan Burger £9.59
Beef, Mushroom & Cheese Burger £9.99
Add Extras to Your Burger
Chicken Burger £1.59
Beef Burger £1.59
Grilled Halloumi £1.59
Cheese & Bacon £1.59

Choose from white or brown bloomer bread. All our sandwiches come served with crispy potato dippers

Monday to Friday 12 noon – 6 pm
Prawn Sandwich £6.19
Fish Goujon Sandwich £6.19
Ham & Cheese Sandwich £6.19
Spicy Chicken Strip Sandwich £6.19
Pick Your Sides
Battered Onion Rings £2.29
Sweet Potato Fries (Upgrade Your Chips) £0.99
Coleslaw £1.69
Medley of Green Vegetables £2.49
Garlic Bread with Cheese £2.79
Mozzarella Sticks £2.99
Mixed Side Salad £2.59
Cheese Jalapeño Poppers (5 Pc.) £2.99
Bowl of Chips £2.29
Extra Feast £3.99
Mac n Cheese Bites £2.99
Belgian Waffle £3.99
Dirty Mud Pie £4.59
Lemon Meringue Pie £4.59
Mini Pudding & Hot Drink £3.99
Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt £3.69
Salted Toffee Apple Crumble £4.69
Caramel Apple Betty £3.99
Gin & Tonic Trifle £4.99
Trio of Puddings £4.99
Salted Caramel, Brownie & Popcorn Sundae £4.99
Black Forest Ice Cream Sundae £4.99
Summer Berry Cheesecake £4.49
Warm Chocolate Brownie £3.99
Profiteroles £3.99
Sharing Fondue £7.99
Ice Cream £2.89
Piña Colada Sundae £4.99
Choc-a-block Cadbury™ Sundae £4.99

About Brewers Fayre

Brewers Fayre is a chain of British pub restaurants in the United Kingdom that specializes in casual dinings. The pub chain famous for serving traditional British pub food such as fish and chips, steaks, burgers, puddings, and so on across the United Kingdom.

Brewers Fayre Menu

The very first location of Brewers Fayre was opened in Preston in 1979 and currently, it is owned by Whitbread. In the present, the British pub restaurant chain runs over 280 locations with about 130 fully-licensed pubs-and-restaurants in the UK.

Brewers Fayre Menu

Of the dozens of pub brands in the United Kingdom, Brewers Fayre is the most popular cause of its family-friendly atmosphere in traditional British pubs. Brewers Fayre a great menu that includes a selection of traditional British pub food.

Brewers Fayre Menu

In Brewers Fayre Menu, You can taste their delicious dishes like tomato soup, prawn cocktails, onion tarts, tempura prawns, Brie bites, fishcakes, burrito bowl salad, sweet potato and feta lasagna, spicy Asian-style noodles, quiche, chicken and chorizo pie. One can also find slow-cooked lamb shank, beef and stout pie, chicken garlic, and grilled gammon steak in their Brewers Fayre Menu.

Brewers Fayre Menu

Brewers Fayre Location Near Me

Make use of the following Brewers Fayre locator tool to find Brewers Fayre near me menu prices to enjoy your foods and meals.


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